There’s a little girl In my salon teaching me how to do the worm and windmill hahaha so sick

Woop back to hot yoga tonight! Gonna feel so good. Ps avocado blt omelettes… my bf is the best bfast cook everrrr

At the studioooo working on some illllll beats

Going to see the lion king on Broadway w my fam! So excited. Also can’t wait to get a hotdog on the streets lol

Red lobster biscuits for breakfast. Best.

The cold air actually feels really refreshing lol I love new York!

Jamaica was amaaaaazing! Happy to be back in the us… not happy bout the cold… ny here I cooome


Soooo awake and loooovin it right now. I gotta start waking up earlier on an every day basis. Being early places makes life so much smoother


and cupcake pebbles mixed with cocoa pebbles lol hell yeahhhhhh its gonna be a good day<3